2 gauge column mount panel

Gear Drive Speed & Custom

$ 55.00

2 gauge panel for 1-1/2" steering column, two gauge holes are 2-1/8", cast aluminum with shot peen finish. This item is avaliable 2 ways.

First is a 1pc that slips over the column and is held by a 1/4x20 set screw.

Second is a 2pc design that has a removable cap to install without removal of the column. 

The 1pc can be opened up to accept a 1-3/4" column, we can do that at no charge. 

Please Note: Shipping is a wrong for overseas + Canada, right now we have to refund your shipping after we ship. It will come up as $150, after we ship we refund the difference. Sorry about the hassel. Matt

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