Harrell Flathead Ford Cylinder Heads

Gear Drive Speed & Custom

$ 750.00



We're Back after 9 years of not casting any heads.

This is a $750 Deposit on a $2000 set of Harrell cylinder heads.Balance due once heads are ready to ship. Ship date is roughly January 2019.

Harrell Heads cast off original 1946 patterns. Cast in 356 aluminum, heat treated and fully CNC machined. We have not cast heads since 2009 (?)   Many hurdles have been jumped to make this project a go. Old tooling and modern technology, but we've found a very confident and progessive foundy willing to tackle this. Lots of pattern/gating work is required to pour these along with very low production numbers,and that comes at a cost. At this time we will not be casting any intake manifolds. 

Please contact me with questions 651-485-8075 

I'll update here, but my instagram @geardrive has the lateset up to date info. 

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