Driveshaft Style Lake Headers

History-  In the 1940's on the dry lakes guys would use a 1935-1936 ford driveshaft as the cone to the lake header. The 35-36 ford driveshaft was tapered on both ends with a nice narrow diameter and it was the perfect choice, cut the driveshaft in half and you had a set of tapered cones for your lake headers. Many people refer to a driveshaft header as a "torque tube" header. This is incorrect, the torque tube was too large of O.D. and to heavy to use. I have seen many headers built with the torque tube and they are too out of proportion. 

We manufacture new driveshafts in house. A standard drive shaft is 30" in overall length but can be built up to 55" long. Our driveshaft have the same amount of taper and overall lenght as Henry Ford's original driveshaft.  It's a very commonly used on our flathead headers. Its a perfect fit for an era correct hot rod up to the 1960's

We do stock original 35-36 ford driveshafts if you really want an era correct header.

Many of our headers have this option but some headers can not be built with the 35-36 driveshaft for the cone, if your engine is not listed please call us.