Flash Dip Headers

Many customers ask what are "Flash Dip Headers"?

Flash Dip Headers are chrome plated without being polished. The real cost of full "show" chrome is in the polishing of the headers before being chrome plated. By removing the polishing the cost goes way down to an affordable price for a chrome set of headers.

The chrome has an almost satin appearance.  The best comparison is that to a new bolt from the hardware store.  It is bright silver with a shiny finish, but not mirrored.  This chrome, like all chrome, WILL turn blue.  Once the header is dipped, you cannot go back and have it polished to achieve that mirrored finish.  Chrome is only as nice as the raw metal.  However, if your headers do turn blue (and they will) you can polish the blue out of them.  

It's perfect for a driver. If you have a full show car you may want to go with a full polished chrome header.  Which we do offer as well on a case by case basis.  Call the shop to discuss.  651-485-8075

All our headers have the option of Flash Dip but the driveshaft headers are a fabricated cone that is sanded to a 400g finish.  The sand scratch is visible.  Upon request, we can sand to a higher grit finish for an additional charge.

Headers are not polished in house.  We use an outside shop for polished headers and every header is quoted based on current polishing rates. For example, headers and turnouts at $80 hour may take 6 hours of polishing... Plus the $125 to physically chrome them. It can get very expensive very fast for full show chrome.  That is why we have come up with this cost effective way for you to have chrome.