Lake Header U Weld Kits

Gear Drive Speed & Custom

$ 130.00

Kits are for the "Do It Yourself" crowd

Kits are built for model T, A and 32 fords. Mostly pre 1934 cars, if you have something different please contact the shop. I can put a kit together for your exact needs.

Kit comes with the same parts I use on my finished headers

Kits come with the following parts.

3/8" Laser cut flanges

180 degree U bends

Choice of cone

3 1/2" cone x 27" long

4" cone x 30" long

Driveshaft type cone is 30" long and custom lengths are available

Flathead ford kit is a large kit, its got all the same parts I use on my headers. Its a BIG box of parts!

If you need tech advice feel free to call me, I've built 1000's of these headers!

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