1935 / 1936 ford under dash panel

Gear Drive Speed & Custom

$ 80.00

New for 2022 is out 35-6 ford under dashg panel, we offer this in 3 ways. Great way to not cut up you dash, add gauges and a switch or two, comes with 2 1/8" holes for gauges. 

This is a aluminum casting, there are imperfections and will need to be fit for your dash. Light sanding  is required depending as not all dashes are identical.  If you ahve a waterfall we are able to trim it down for you at no charge, we would rather you do that we just run a end mill down the lenght to clear, we go about 1/4" wider than the waterfall. 

1- Uncut you add all holes

2- 3 hole

3- 4 hole



Please Note: Shipping is a wrong for overseas + Canada, right now we have to refund your shipping after we ship. It will come up as $150, after we ship we refund the difference. Sorry about the hassel. Matt

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