2x2 Flathead Intake With Finned Logs

Gear Drive Speed & Custom

$ 995.00

Flathead 2x2 intake
Alexander / Arnold Birner inspired 


Brand new in 2022!  This intake is reminiscent of the pre-war builders of the Dry Lakes era of hot rodding. Available to purchase in two different options, with and without linkage and fuel banjos. Proper Linkage Kits were designed and built by Clive at Stromberg for this manifold to take the hassle out. The Stromberg fuel banjos must be used, the carbs are tight together and offshore banjos are too wide and will hit the accelrator pump rod.  No need to bend the rod to clear with this banjo.

3-19-2024 I have 2 finned log manifolds available

I have decided to do a limited run with the finned logs, 10 manifolds have been cast with fins, when they sell out they are gone forever. I have hung the tooling on the wall and cut it up. 

* Please note, some pictures show the smooth log, if you buy off this page you will receive finned logs for the manifold.

-Fits pre 48 engines, will fit 8BA with small modifications to the base of the intake

-Clears stock generators

-Uses OEM fuel pump pushrod

-4 gaskets are included to go between the log and the bases. 

gear_drive@yahoo.com or 651-485-8075

Please call or email if you have further questions


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