6x2 Desoto Hemi Intake

Gear Drive Speed & Custom

$ 475.00

Gear drive offers a new 6 deuce intake for the Desoto hemi

Fits 276, 291, 330, 341, 345 engines

Use 3 bolt carb bases, Stromberg or holley type carbs, small base Rochester upon request, we try to stock one with GM bases. 

Drilled for 1/2" pipe to your remote thermostat housing

Fully CNC machined and test fit on original 276 engine

Manifold comes bare or with 4 water fittings, crossover tubes and old time spring clamps

We do very limited runs, usually between 4-6 manifolds at a time. If there is not one available please contact us. We usually have a waiting list for this item and our foundry is very good about short runs so you shouldn't have to wait long

Cast in the USA

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