Buick Nailhead 4 71 Blower Manifold

Gear Drive Speed & Custom

$ 850.00

Sold out we have no plan to cast any more until 2024

We cast small runs every few years, usually 5-7 manifolds at a time, uses 471 GMC style blower. Cast locally off a pattern we own.

This manifold will fit all three eras of nailheads 264-322, 364 and 401-425. Each manifold will be machined depending on cubic inch. Lots a chatter on message boards on how we do it, it’s easy we machine each casting per engine.

Please Note: Shipping is a wrong for overseas + Canada, right now we have to refund your shipping after we ship. It will come up as $150, after we ship we refund the difference. Sorry about the hassel. Matt


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