Grace & Co Cast Scoop

Gear Drive Speed & Custom

$ 90.00


Chris at Grace & Co hit a home run with this.

Cast scoop, chrome trim ring and stainless mesh screen and comes in shot peen finish.  This is a sandcast part, there are pits and imperfections on these. Most modern scoops are die cast and flawless. With that said you will not find a better scoop on the market.  

Chrome plated trim ring, stainless mesh screen and two 1/4" set screws to mount on carbs.

Fits Stromberg and Holley carbs with 2-5/8 neck. 

NO PAYPAL, if you pay with PAYPAL I WILL REFUND YOUR PURCHASE. I have a limited amount of these and they will sell quickly.  This is a PayPal issue they are working on. Thanks / Sorry 

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