Zephyr Style 2x2 Flathead intake

Gear Drive Speed & Custom

$ 999.99

 New Zephyr styled 2x2 flathead intake, the top section resembles the early Zephyr intake manifold that is illusive. 

This is a true duel plenum manifold, almost all early tall intake are just a simple divided plenum and really don't work very well. We spent the time to research plenums and how to make the intake work for street or race use. See photo of plenum.

Cast in Minneapolis off tooling we had built over the last year. Our foundry uses very fine sand so the surface finish is better than almost anything out there, standard finish is shot blast and polishing is available.

Allows for use of original ford parts, generator in stock location, fuel pump stand and use the original long fuel pump push rod. Also the short generator from 1933-38 is best on this manifold or aftermarket short powegen is recommended, but not necessary. 

Intake comes with the following.

Two gaskets for between the top and base.

Set of 8 stainless steel studs, nuts and thin washers. 



Questions? 651-485-8075 Thanks Matt 

Please Note: Shipping is a wrong for overseas + Canada, right now we have to refund your shipping after we ship. It will come up as $150, after we ship we refund the difference. Sorry about the hassle.

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